Where did I leave my glasses?

This elegant accessory helps you hold and carry your glasses, readers, sunglasses or badge by attaching to your clothing, tie, purse, backpack or pocket. It is light, small, and fashionable.

Two easy steps: put the iGlass clip on and insert the glasses' temple or badges attachment in the loop. Have peace of mind. No pins, chains, magnets, straps or cases.

Comes in two carefully crafted styles: 18K gold or sterling silver plating.
You can purchase them individually or as package of two. Contact us for discount on packages.
  • When was the last time I used  my glasses?

  • Where could my eyeglasses be?

  • How should I carry my glasses?

           -On my head?

           -On my shirt collar?

  • Is my case too big for my purse?

  • Where was I when I used my glasses?

  • Did I leave my sunglasses outside?

Do you find yourself asking these questions over and over again?




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